Welcome to Staff Picks

Tuesday, Jan 29

About Us: If you’ve ever wondered to yourself “Hey! I wonder what music the KRUX staff like to listen to!” you’ve come to the right place. The music that gets heard on air is specially selected by our Music Director, but doesn’t necessarily include the individual tastes of our staff here at the radio station. That’s where Staff Picks comes in. In addition to listening on-air, this is where you come to get a peek at the music diversity that exists at KRUX. We don’t all listen to the same things, so there’s a new song here for everyone to check out.

How it works: There’ll be a list of songs included in every post. In addition to this, these songs will be added to our Spotify playlist, titled STAFF PICKS. This playlist should be embedded on the page for easy listening. If you can’t see the playlist, just look up krux915 on Spotify and follow the STAFF PICKS playlist.

Here’s a short list of some cool tunes to check out, courtesy of our Music Director. Check us out next week for more STAFF PICKS!

  • Power Chords by Mike Krol
  • Fear of Falling Asleep by Tender
  • What’s Left in the River by Royal Canoe (this one has a sick instrumental)
  • Painted Image by Liz Brasher