Tuesday, Feb 12

Welcome back friends! Welcome to the Staff Picks Valentine’s Day mix! As you know, two days from now will be Valentine’s Day where oversized teddy bears, heart-shaped balloons and PDA are a thing. In honor of V-Day (well, really to celebrate chocolate going on sale Feb 15), the staff at KRUX have curated this special list of not-love songs for you to enjoy, so you can lift your V-Day spirits and really get the mood going.

The full audio can be found on our STAFF PICKS playlist on our krux915 Spotify account so follow our playlist for more tasty music!

  • Watch You Sleep by Girl in Red
  • Ramen King by I Fucked a Turkey and Got Away with It
  • So Lonely by The Police
  • Insincerely Yours by Lily Allen
  • Good Morning Britain by Aztec Camera
  • Tongues by The Frights
  • Hell and You by Amigo the Devil