Power Hour

 Shaka Boom Invites NMSU Students With Open Arms

Fabian Reyes 2.15.2019

College is a stressful environment, whether you are 24-years-old starting off a Bachelor’s degree or 18-years-old wondering what UNIV 100 class entails of. As college students, we would appreciate a place to rely on that could take our stresses and worries away for a few moments.

Shaka Boom is the getaway every college student needs. The locally owned nutrition club offers protein shakes, teas, coffee, classes and an optimistic environment. All the drinks contain ingredients and supplements of a well-known company called Herbalife. Ray and Sue Lucero are the owners of Shaka Boom and Herbalife distributors.

Ray and Sue have been owners of Shaka Boom for five years. They opened the nutrition bar in December 2014, off of north valley by Mayfield High School. The bar stayed open for four years when Ray and Sue decided to move their location in town closer to attract more customers.

“The gyms were so close, Crunch was close by, Planet Fitness was close by, there was 9 rounds, it made a difference”, Sue said.

But gym junkies and people who enjoyed lifting weren’t Ray and Sue’s primary target audience. There was a higher goal and standard they wanted to reach with their company. Helping a man lean out for the upcoming spring break would help or assisting a client to lose 30 pounds is great and all but Ray and Sue had deeper aspirations for what they wanted their company to be perceived as.

42-year-old Angie Estrada described the club as being a place that encourages you to become a better person.

“They encourage you to become the best person you can be and impact your life in a positive way,” Estrada said.

Living a “better” and “healthier” life is tough to ask of from most college students. We all have our busy schedules that we live by and at times we barely have enough time to stop at a fast food place and pick up an overpriced below average burger. Much less try to maintain a healthy diet of eating the proper foods our bodies need to generate productive energy for the day. Healthy sounds appealing but a four-for-four at Wendy’s is one heck of a deal. What if healthy was cheap?

Shaka Boom offers a tea and shake special for only seven dollars. The tea has ingredients such as aloe and caffeine that will jumpstart your mornings on the right foot. After, you decide on a shake that is offered (various amounts of flavors i.e. vanilla, pina colada, chocolate, wild berry, etc.) at the club with one or two scoops of protein. Keynote to remember is it is never okay to miss a meal, especially breakfast. The combination of the tea and shake provides customers with “good energy” but can never be a replacement for a complete meal out of the day.

Sophomore at NMSU, Daniela Vargas, said she remembers her first experience at Shaka Boom and realized how much they impacted her.

“I just saw a difference in how awake and aware I was in class, it’s a much better feeling than drinking McDonald’s coffee every morning,” Vargas explained.

Awareness is a trait Ray and Sue pay close attention to at Shaka Boom. They don’t put all their focus on trying to push a well-known product in customers faces every other minute or investing energy persuading someone to become a distributor. To say the least, their biggest concern is bringing a community together. Walking through the door when you first arrive is one of the best ways you could possibly start your day. Being welcomed by two owners who put time and energy in listening to what’s going on in your life while making your tea or shake. Sitting at the high chair bar while enjoying the Hawaiian themed scenery that is filled around the club. Engaging in conversations with people you’ve never met before but feeling like they’ve been long distance friends. It is “barber shop” styled atmosphere and makes the club easier to be a part of. Sue explained the positive impact they could make on NMSU students by simply stopping by once or twice a week.

“We could give them really good nutrition, good energy, so they can be more successful in doing their homework and staying awake in class,” Sue said.

In talking to some of the club members about their experience with Shaka Boom they all had one word that was said throughout the interviews, family. Looking from the outside in and visiting the club once a week I could relate to their opinions because it was much like a family. A network of people that come from different jobs and lifestyles to this relaxed club to get away from the stresses that take place in their day. I can say I have my fair share of stresses throughout the day but being in the club with Ray and Sue is uplifting. All college students should have a Shaka Boom to escape to whether it’s the family oriented club or anyplace else. Ray expressed his thoughts on what Shaka Boom meant to him.

“Shaka Boom itself is bringing the community together, we have products to get people healthy which is our goal but we have more to offer than just Herbalife,” Ray said.

The wonderful married couple are the definition of optimism and making an impact in people’s lives. Their goals are to see new people come in everyday and take them in with open arms. They want to make a difference not only in their members’ lives but in the community as well.

“Poor can’t help the poor,” Ray added. A statement that stuck with me through the interview. These are two humble individuals that are selfless in their own ways and can make someone’s day a little better.

I encourage NMSU students to pay a visit to Shaka Boom, whether it is for the nutrition side of things or just needing a person to vent too.

Shaka Boom is located on 555 Utah Ave., Las Cruces NM, 88001 and is open Mondays through Fridays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.