A Tech Central?

Tina Ballard 2.19.2019

Las Cruces Tech Central? Wait, maybe Las Cruces Technology Park has a better ring to it. Who would’ve thunk that Las Cruces would be an ideal place to set up shop for a tech company. CEO and Owner of Ganymede Games, seem to think that Las Cruces have what it takes to help his company reach its pinnacle.

Ganymede is an LA Based company that intends on making Las Cruces its home-base.

“The company will contribute to New Mexico’s creative and economy and will combat the brain from New Mexico. This project is helping New Mexico by keeping talented people right here in Las Cruces”. (The Las Cruces Bulletin pg. 51) Stated Alicia Keyes, state economic secretary, who spoke about the new venture for Las Cruces on Feb 1st.

A total of 1.65 million dollars is to be invested between the company, the city of Las Cruces and the State of New Mexico – other contributors include NMSU and Don Ana as well.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see that this means for the city. I mean obviously it means more job, but does Las Cruces have a future in Technology?

I’m sure that all 31.3% of students Enrolled in Under Grad and Grad Engineering programs would say yes. It means more jobs for them and eventually more money for the State and City if proved beneficial. Does Las Cruces have a chance at being Tech Central for Technology in New Mexico?

Sounds interesting and I am here for it! What about you?

STEM-ulate Your Mind with T.Cast

Tina Ballard 2.12.2019

I have arrived! Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Tina Ballard, but you can call me T.Cast, which is a play on my first and middle name. I am here to STEM-ulate your mind. I am originally from Omaha, Ne. I have graced this wonderful city with my presence more than once, but this time I will leave a permanent mark. Starting with this podcast. A little about me, I am 38 years old. Yes, 38. I am currently a student at Don Ana studying Computer Information Technology, thus the name of this Podcast. Throughout this time as your host, I will enlighten and encourage you to the unknown. My primary, but not only focus is particularly women in tech. Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, women currently hold less than 25% of STEM jobs? And, globally, only 16% of female students graduate from STEM subjects, according to the World Economic Forum? Looks like we have a lot to discuss. So let’s get started.

As much as I love to research things, if I can avoid reading article after article I will. I mean if we are being transparent, I prefer movies. Specifically, documentaries and autobiographies. Since I am a woman pursuing a career I have done so research on movies about women in tech and here is what I found: Familiar with the movie “Hidden Figures”? If not let me enlighten you: Hidden Figures, released in December 2016, was based on the non-fiction book of the same title by Margot Lee Chatterley. It follows Johnson and other female African-American mathematicians (Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan) who worked at NASA. Sound good? Well, I also discovered a movie called “CodeGirl.” Which is another movie about a team of girls globally that are challenged to complete a mobile app.  I encourage you to check them out. I know I will. Also, movies like “She Started it”, “Going against the Flow”, and “The Developers”, just to name a few. I look forward to enlightening you are well as engaging you. We have a long year ahead of us ladies and gentlemen, buckle up. It’s about to go down. I am here for the ride.