Neon Desert Giveaway

KRUX is giving away 27 pairs of tickets to attend Neon Desert May 26th and 27th at the San Jacinto Plaza.

Individual tickets are valued at $139. The tickets will be given away through a phone competition on the following days between the following times:

May 3rd 4-5pm; 5-6pm; 8-9pm; 9-10pm

May 4th 11am-12pm; 1-2pm; 2-3pm; 6-7pm; 7-8pm; 8-9pm

May 7th 10-11am; 12-1pm; 1-2pm; 2-3pm

May 8th 11am-12pm; 12-1pm; 3-4pm; 4-5pm; 5-6pm

May 9th 11am-12pm; 12-1pm; 2-3pm; 3-4pm; 4-5pm

May 11th 12-1pm; 1-2pm; 2-3pm.

At the beginning of the time period a Twitter and Facebook post will go out with the time the radio hosts will announce the opening of the contest and the caller number that they are looking for. Listeners can call the station booth at 575-646-9150 when the DJ announces the opening of the lines. Callers can call as many times as they want until the caller number is reached. Prize will be awarded to the caller who matches the number we are looking for (i.e. being the 5th caller). Prize will be awarded on May 16th, 2018 via emailing the winners PDF copies of the tickets. All listeners are eligible for this contest.