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Shamir – Call It Off

For all those who are afraid of puppets, avoid the new Shamir video above like the Plague.

Top 10 Music Websites for the College Student

By Joaquín M. Chavana, March 6th 2015 for KRUXmedia

10.) Musician’s Friend


Before you start making any music you first require an instrument. Whether that be an acoustic guitar to make sure you have the college experience or brand new turn tables to spin for the audience wasted off their faces from your sick tunes. Musician’s Friend allows browsers access to many of today’s cutting edge music equipment manufacturers as well as selling for a bargain price.  Nothing beats your local music shop, but let’s face it, you’re never going to leave the house because you do all of your shopping online anyways.


9.) Yousician


With a mission statement explaining, “Yousician is a music education company with a relentless drive to make the world a more musical place,” you can see this company wants you to strum that brand new guitar. Even if you know nothing about music, Yousican will help bridge the gap between students and teachers with lessons and programs for learning music. The site even allows people to track their musical transformation from the start. Bosting several mobile apps, such as WildChords , GuitarTuna, touted as the worlds favorite guitar tuner on mobile devices, and a game for beginners and experts alike, GuitarBots.  Yousician is the starting point to a new music voyage.


8.) Ultimate Guitar


If the whole classical learning and traditional scales approach just “ain’t yo thang,” then Ultimate Guitar is Fo’ Sho’. With an outstanding catalogue of tablatures (tabs) and chords from a user built foundation the website will teach you almost any song you can think of on different instruments such as Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Piano, etc.  Easy access, a huge library and a site built for teaching and learning, this domain is sure to find its way the bookmarks of many a college student browser.


7.)  Has It Leaked?


In this day and age it’s a played out tradition to wait for the album drop date of your favorite artist. Instead the millennial generation has wiggled a way around this loop with the help of websites like Has It Leaked. The platform allows visitors access to albums before they drop as well as up to date info on any new music in the works. It goes from the hottest music in the industry to spakin’ new indie releases. Important for any music obsessed individual procrastinating during midterms, Has It Leaked  has got you covered.


6.) Who Sampled Who


Have you ever been jammin’ out to a song, hear a sample and you just couldn’t figure out who plays it? Problem solved; At least if you’re using the website, Who Sampled Who. With the ability to search the multiverse of infinite tracks in the ether the site lets people know what song was sampled in the one they searched, including the exact time code in which the sample is taken from as well as offering link to buy either song. So the next time you’re rocking out to Mr. West, you can check who he sampled to be the voice of your generation.


5.)  Hot New Hip Hop


Being on the edge of the art that is on the edge is key, especially when you’re trying to impress all the attractive people in your Calculus lecture. Well with Hot New Hip Hop, you can stay up to speed with one of America’s most groundbreaking and influential musical arts. Everyday the site is updated with info on the latest tracks, gossip, and news in the world of the ever-changing genre, helping the site visitors with their colloquiums and artistic prowess as well as putting on young talent and giving early and free access to many a mixtape.


4.) Rap Genius


Now that your caught up on all of the latest and greatest in Hip Hop, Rap Genius will assist you in finding the lyrics, credits and annotations of many songs. Not only does the site provide excellent footnotes on lyrics in the Hip Hop genre but with other channels such as Rock, Pop, Country, with a medley of more the site has what every curious pair of ears is looking, or better yet, listening for. This writer would go as far as to say this may be the most credible and reliable lyrics websites in the contemporary era.


3.)  CMJ Charts


CMJ. This charting website may be more important than the Billboard top charts in relation to the youth audience because they are constantly monitoring indie/college music playing on any college station around the nation. With a new Top 20 published every week, the chart makes sure to keep up-to-date covering all genres from folk to punk rock. If you are youth –or breathing for that matter – on campus it’s definitely worth typing into your next Google search.


2.) Spotify


It may be weird to point out but this well know streaming service is almost vital when it comes to listening music. Like anywhere. You can literally play full albums on loop, make personal playlists, and even create radio stations based on Songs or Artists you enjoy.  The whole thing comes as a download for your program that runs relatively smooth considering its competitors are just as funded as they are.  Spotify is a great way to jam out with your hands out for free (a premium service is offered for $4.99 for students) and doing so on a spread of platforms –PC, Mac, and mobile. Cheers Spotify


1.) Sound Cloud


Even though number 2 on this list was a music-streaming site, SoundCloud has drifted atop this list because of its accessibility, wealth of unsigned artists and reliable playing speeds and downloadable tracks. For any student on the go, the site boasts capabilities to show of your music in a creative space designed for creatives and listeners alike. With options of free accounts allowing a certain amount of minutes of content to premium offers allowing unlimited tracks for upload Sound Cloud  has easily become an industry standard, even away from the indie music scene. I mean, lets face it, this is a great way to get your mixtape to your crew, the honnies in comm 265, and that one special person across the library.

Drake Bigger Than the Beatles?


If you’re reading this then it’s way too late. Social media has been abuzz recently with news that Drake has tied the Beatles’ record of 14 charted hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 from a little less than 51 years ago. On top of that, all of the tracks off of his latest ‘surprise’ album, If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late charted on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. The same chart that boasts four other of the Toronto artist’s tracks. For a record of 21 charted tracks on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Boom.

And now for the mandatory bad jokes: Started as Aubrey now he’s Drake. There’s always Room for Improvement. Would you like a mixtape, oh too late.” (Referencing Would you like a tour? #Jokekilling).

Perhaps one day we will look back on this experience and realize that Nothing Was the Same.




Mikal Cronin has set a release date of May 3rd for his next album, MCIII. Rumor has it that Cronin played each instrument on the album himself, an impressive feat for any multi-instrumentalist. He has released a single in anticipation of MCIII and it sounds as though he will continue to push the boundaries of modern glam/garage rock towards a relatively cleaner sound.

Check his track “Made My Mind Up” below:

T. Swift & Haim Take You Back to 1989


It’s official, Haim will be joining Taylor Swift for select dates on her 1989 tour. Prepare yourselves for some dirty 80’s jams.

Tour Dates as follows:

July 10 & 11 – East Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium
July 13 & 14 – Washington, DC @ Nationals Park
July 18 & 19 – Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field
July 24 & 25 – Foxborough, MA @ Gillette Stadium
August 21 & 22 & 24 – 26 – Los Angeles, CA @ Staples Center
September 25 & 26– Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
September 28 & 29 – St. Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center

Tour dates courtesy of Rolling Stone

New Music – Purity Ring

Check out Purity Ring’s new track “begin again” above, and get stoked because they’ll be releasing the follow-up to their 2012 album ‘Shrines’ on March 3rd.

Modest Mouse

The ever so Modest Mouse will be releasing their first full length studio album in 8 years. The album is entitled ‘Strangers to Ourselves’ and is set for a release date of March 3rd 2015. If you can’t wait til’ the new year for new music from the Issaquah natives you can hear a fresh track performed at Sasquatch here: