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The Staff of KRUX


General Manager: Myra Rommes

Myra Rommes, your local General Manager, has pulled up to this function and parked the frkn car. She is here to help you with whatever you need, as long as it pertains to KRUX. She basically runs this joint, but just under the table. You got questions … she’s got answers. DJs, she knows them. PALS, she runs them. Music, she listens. Content, she schedules that. Coffee. She makes that. Emails, she has a problem. But you can you email her anyway at If you need her, she’s probably around the office, you’ll be able to tell by the sound of her screaming.




Programming: Keith Araiza Melendez





Sales Director: Daquiri Torres






Online Content Director:  Juan Vargas

Juan Vargas is a Computer Science major with an emphasis on Web Development / Design and the Online Content Director for the KRUX website. Everything you see put up here he does and designs! He works closely with the KRUX team and also has his own radio show added to the mix. He is apart of the local music scene as the lead guitarist & producer for the band ‘late night drive home’ so he is one to know a thing or two about music! Anything you wish to have featured on the site feel free to contact him at his email and if you’re a local band wanting a feature, feel free to ask him!





Music Director: Cherish Pena

Cherish Pena is the music director here at KRUX. Everything you hear on the station is HER. You can hear her every morning talking about new music and trends. Along with overwhelming herself by listening to every single piece of music that comes through the doors of KRUX. She is a film major with an emphasis on acting and video editing. Her daily tasks involve listening, opening, reviewing and or removing music from the station. She conducts all the interviews and likes to make friends with all the musicians that come by KRUX. Go ahead and send her some music and see if you can be the next artist on KRUX!





Network Engineer: Aidan McLaughlin

Grace goes toe-to-toe with the forces of tech every day for KRUX.  As the station’s Chief Engineer, she fixes the stuff we break, and keeps us on the air. She doesn’t have a show yet because she first has to invent a microphone that can withstand the force of that much knowledge. Grace is studying Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering which probably means she’s going to save the planet—you can send your thank-you notes to