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The Staff of KRUX


General Manager: Josiah Armstrong

Josiah Armstrong is the KRUX General Manager his job at the station is to represent KRUX at meetings and help keep the music rolling. He is a strong believer in College Radio and loves to talk about music. Just be warned his collection is a little wacky and is the reason he hosts The Misfits, Fridays from 9-11pm. Josiah is studying Business Management and is actively involved with the Residence Hall Association and is a Senator with ASNMSU. Many say he does too much but with bags under his eyes he says, “Not at all” in a suspiciously high tone. If you have any questions about KRUX or what we can do at your event contact him at!



Programming: Myra Rommes

Myra Rommes, your local Programming Director, has pulled up to this function and parked the frkn car. She is here to help you with whatever you need, as long as it pertains to KRUX. She basically runs this joint, but just under the table. You got questions … she’s got answers. DJs, she knows them. PALS, she runs them. Music, she listens. Content, she schedules that. Coffee. She makes that. Emails, she has a problem. But you can you email her anyway at If you need her, she’s probably around the office, you’ll be able to tell by the sound of her screaming. She also has a show called Power Trip, listen on Mondays from 11-Midnight.




Underwriting: Arriyanna Edwards

Arriyanna “Ajaye” Edwards is the KRUX Marketing Director. It’s her job to explain how awesome college radio is and to help people purchase underwriting announcements on KRUX. In addition to spreading the good word and making KRUX converts, Ajaye is an ICT major and a professional DJ. Her interests include being awesome and giving community members great deals on radio announcements. If you need to get the word out about your next event, contact her on




Production Manager: Zane Chaffee

Lots of hair and lots of talent. Zane Chaffee is the Production Director for KRUX. This daring journalism major has done it all—he writes, he marches, and he spins classic rock every Sunday. Somehow he also finds time to make us sound better than we are by creating and editing all of our announcements, and on-air promotions. If you’re an underwriter, Zane will craft your message with great care and skill. If you’re a DJ that hasn’t recorded a show promo, he will craft your punishment with subtle and devastating cruelty. Nice guy. Send him a message on




Music Director: Jackie Lira

Jackie Lira is in ROTC as well as theater as well as overwhelming herself by listening to every single piece of music that comes through the doors of KRUX. She has taken on the task of receiving, opening, opening, opening, listening, adding, and removing music from the amazing KRUX rotation. Also she likes to make jokes and describe random music that comes through her office. It’s rad (ish). Go bug her or email her at




Network Engineer: Grace Igwe

Grace goes toe-to-toe with the forces of tech every day for KRUX.  As the station’s Chief Engineer, she fixes the stuff we break, and keeps us on the air. She doesn’t have a show yet because she first has to invent a microphone that can withstand the force of that much knowledge. Grace is studying Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering which probably means she’s going to save the planet—you can send your thank-you notes to