New music dropping from two different talented acts out of El Paso, TX, Rivers Ventura & late night drive home, 

Both artists have been doing exceptionally well in El Paso, making a name for themselves quickly over the past few months,

late night drive home will be dropping two new singles, Star Love / Kill Me Sweet October 29th, amidst their rise in streams from their latest debut EP, ‘Am I sinking or Am I swimming?‘ the sound of both tracks will be polar opposites of one another, Star Love sounding very energetic in terms of instrumentals and Kill Me Sweet sounding more melancholic and saddening.

You can listen to the rest of late night drive home’s discography here


Rivers Ventura will be dropping his newest single, Too Much, October 31st months after the release of his debut EP, ‘Scrambled Eggs

The sound of ‘Too Much’ is not known due to not receiving a response in time from Ventura. Nonetheless we expect the track to be reminiscent of his Indie Rock Folk instrumentals that many fond over.

You can listen to the rest of Rivers Ventura discography here