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Wallows – ‘Tell Me That It’s Over’ album review

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‘Tell Me That It’s over’

Exciting Indie Rock trio follows up their critically acclaimed debut album Nothing Happens with a new pop-directed album in 2022. With the opening track, ‘Hard To Believe’ welcoming us with an experimental-ambient Esque sound with pop flavor, you instantly notice the different direction this album will be compared to Nothing Happens 

The three singles released before the full album release captured the essence of what the album was going to sound like, with ‘I Don’t Want To Talk’ being a fun indie-pop track, the kazoo like synth in the intro of the track welcoming a fun summer-like vibe as usual Wallows style, personally to me the song was my least favorite out of the 3 singles released, my favorite being Especially You, with the bridge bringing vibes of different emotion to the song.

Dylan Minette’s vocals have improved, with him going towards some falsetto, fitting perfectly to capture the growth of the band. ‘Marvelous’ is the new lead single for the album assuming as they recently performed it at Kimmel Live, the track brings a fun vibe with the use of brass instruments to bring a mature feeling to the hits of the drums and bass.

Braeden Lemaster not only shines through his bass playing on the album, but his vocals stand out immensely, coming from the Spring EP to now, you tell a huge difference in the confidence he has gained in his ability to play and perform, as shown in the track, ‘Hurts Me.’ The Bass slaps of Lemaster fit the groove of the song, keeping me in a casual head bop as listening to it, reminding me of an old 80s funk tune.

Wallows end the album in a sorrowful but hopeful song with, ‘Guitar Romantic Search Adventure’ saying farewell to us with an acoustic guitar and Dylan’s vocals in the intro, then hitting us instantly with the introduction of the full band, with the lyrics “Tell me that it’s over now.” The album ends in a very calm tone, as is what the whole album was.

Tell Me That It’s Over is a change of sound, or more so an extension of Wallow’s 1980s horror film sound brought back into revision and full light in extension. It shows they focused more on synths than guitars, The album captures the growth and less restriction of an Indie Album, but Nothing Happens has the more dynamics and emotion out of the two.

Tell Me That It’s Over 6/10