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The Staff of KRUX

General Manager: Myra Rommes

Myra is entering her fifth year here at KRUX (what a relic)! She started here as the Assistant Program Director in 2017 as a little freshman and now she is a fifth-year senior and the General Manager. The General Manager position entails a lot of work like maintaining the budget and meeting with every member of the team to make sure everything is smooth – but that sounds boring. The best part of the job must be the ability to have a daily morning show that is sometimes cohosted with the Music Director, Cherish. Planning events and curating playlists makes the job super fun and Myra is trying her hardest to make it even more fun! You can reach her at (or don’t?)



Programming: Keith Araiza Melendez

Keith is the programming director, if you want a show she’s the person you are looking for! She makes sure all the DJs are ready to tackle on the week with any ideas they have for their radio show.



Sales Director: Daquiri Torres

Daquiri is a third year NMSU student studying Fashion Merchandising, with minors in Marketing and Social Media Management. This is Daquiri’s second year at KRUX as the Sales Director. She handles all the advertising you hear on air! She loves to work with her clients to give them the best possible voice on KRUX 91.5 FM. Send all of your adverting and underwriting questions to


Online Content Director:  Juan Vargas

Juan Vargas is a Computer Science major with an emphasis on Web Development / Design and the Online Content Director for the KRUX website. Everything you see put up here he does and designs! He works closely with the KRUX team and also has his own radio show added to the mix. He is apart of the local music scene as the lead guitarist & producer for the band ‘late night drive home’ so he is one to know a thing or two about music! Anything you wish to have featured on the site feel free to contact him at his email and if you’re a local band wanting a feature, feel free to ask him!


Social Media Manager: Victoria Valle

Victoria (or Vic as we like to call her!) makes up half of the Student Media Marketing & Outreach Team and is in charge of making sure you know what KRUX is up to (even though she may not always know herself). She’s from El Paso and majoring in general business (*as of the time of this posting). You can find her shyly taking pictures at our events like a mom at your middle school orchestra recital, and you’ll always know its her making that day’s social media post when every sentence ends in double exclamation points!! She also spins live vinyl records every Sunday night on Vinyl Nights with Vic! Send her your questions, comments, and concerns to


Marketing Coordinator: Abigail Bryant

Hey y’all! I’m Abigail Bryant or Abbie, or Abs, or the Abster. I am one of the Marketing Coordinators for KRUX. I live and breathe to show how popin KRUX is. I design very extra swag, social media posts, and goodies. Most days I can be found in my literal corner of the office doing graphic design or meticulously stringing key chains. I love being out on campus talking to y’all about KRUX and making you sign up to be DJ’s. If I am not doing that then I am probably jamming to queen Swift reading Disney facts. I’d love to meet you at our next event!


Music Director: Cherish Pena

Cherish Pena is the music director here at KRUX. Everything you hear on the station is HER. You can hear her every morning talking about new music and trends. Along with overwhelming herself by listening to every single piece of music that comes through the doors of KRUX. She is a film major with an emphasis on acting and video editing. Her daily tasks involve listening, opening, reviewing and or removing music from the station. She conducts all the interviews and likes to make friends with all the musicians that come by KRUX. Go ahead and send her some music and see if you can be the next artist on KRUX!


Network Engineer: Aidan McLaughlin

Aidan is the chief engineer at the KRUX and is responsible for keeping the station up and running. He is a senior studying Electrical engineering with a concentration in space systems and enjoys coding in his free time. We asked him to build us a KRUX themed space craft, he said no – but he was down to help code this website. Aidan has updated the systems and wiring of the station and moved and rebuilt two studios. He has really made our audio experience so much better, so much so that we keep asking him to make new studios in the office – Studio M coming soon.  Send in all your space related KRUX questions to